Hints and Tips

Here you will find loads of helpful advice on traveling, such as staying safe, what to pack, where to splurge, and what to do in an emergency

How to Avoid PickPockets

Travel is amazing. The world holds so many wonders, and it is such a treasure to be able to experience them. A big downfall, however, is that many of these wonders are populated by people who live in poverty. Poverty can breed crime, and tourists are often an easy target for petty criminals hoping to […]

Prepare for the Worst – Preparing for loss and theft while traveling

How can we prepare for the worst while traveling? We can follow all sorts of advice, do all the right things, and still be a victim of a pickpocket or mugger. We are also human, and may at times misplace our wallets and purses, never to be seen again. These situations suck, but these things happen.  If […]

Scams in Istanbul – Tourists Beware!

Scams in Istanbul? I’m sure if you’ve done a little research, you know that that scams in Istanbul are common. Istanbul is a lovely city, but many of its residents are poor, and unfortunately, this creates an environment where people do whatever they can to get by, including scamming tourists. Here are some of the scams […]

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