One Day in Istanbul

One day in Istanbul is not enough. Its such a huge, eclectic, city with such an immense history that it is impossible to see everything it has to offer in just one day. Unfortunately one day is all we had, but we made the best of it. more “One Day in Istanbul”

Adventure Hunt – Huntington Beach Edition

Adventure Hunt!

The exciting Facebook post got my attention. Adventure Hunt is a huge Instagram scavenger hunt where you complete challenges and post the proof to your Instagram account in an attempt to win buried treasure. The winners from each city also receive a free five night stay at a resort in Panama! I promised myself that I would be more adventurous in my own backyard, and the adventure hunt seemed like a great way to keep that promise. more “Adventure Hunt – Huntington Beach Edition”

Scams in Istanbul – Tourists Beware!

Scams in Istanbul? I’m sure if you’ve done a little research, you know that that scams in Istanbul are common. Istanbul is a lovely city, but many of its residents are poor, and unfortunately, this creates an environment where people do whatever they can to get by, including scamming tourists. Here are some of the scams I came across while visiting Istanbul, and tips to help you navigate them: more “Scams in Istanbul – Tourists Beware!”